About me...

I’m a freelance Personal Trainer and Strength Coach based in Windsor, UK. I also have pre/post natal, Kettlebell, TRX, ViPR and PowerPlate training. This blog is a way of me answering questions I come across with my clients or people in the gym as well as documenting my ever-evolving fitness journey.

I’m always keen to listen, learn and share knowledge in equal measures. I enjoy finding gems of wisdom and influences from all areas of life; both in and out of the gym. I believe that fitness should be part of your lifestyle and that in order to follow a successful exercise regime, it’s essential to address and control all other aspects of your life. Your fitness journey is never complete so always be open to new things. I also love a cliché!
Content will be formed with my own knowledge, things learned during my sports science degree, visits to the gym over the last 10 years and thoughts of others within my industry.

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I hope you enjoy my blog.

What I do...

·         Personal Trainer

·         Level 3 Pre/Post Natal Trainer

·         Level 2 RFU Strength and Conditioning Coach

·         Circuit Training Instructor

·         Kettlebells Instructor

·         PowerPlate Instructor

·         TRX Instructor

·         ViPR Instructor