Workouts that I've enjoyed...

This page is pretty self explanatory: It's workout's that I've enjoyed.

After I do a particular workout that I enjoy, I'm going to post it up here for people to try out. Variety helps to avoid training plateau and keeps the gym interesting and fun - FACT!

29) 8/02/14 - Rugby off - Team Competition in the Gym
The weather has been going crazy and, yet again, rugby was cancelled. I designed this team workout for people to try. We went about it in different groups and noted scores on a bit of paper next to each station. Awesome atmosphere and an awesome 90 minutes on a Saturday.

ADVANCED - 150% bodyweight - 20 seconds AMRAP - 1 point for every rep - 20 second hold after the final rep. 1 point for every second you hold the bar. 2 attempts - worst score counts
INTERMEDIATE: 100% Bodyweight - 20 seconds AMRAP - 1 point for every rep - 15 second hold after the final rep. 1 point for every second you hold the bar. 2 attempts - worst score counts
BEGGINNER: Under bodyweight deadlift - 20 secs AMRAP - 1 point for each rep. No Hold after. 2 sets - worst score counts
20 secs work - 10 secs rest x 8
Take your highest and lowest scores in terms of meters rowed. For every full 10m you complete from these scores you get a point.
eg: You get 100m, 96m, 95m, 92m, 90m, 86m, 80m, 79m, - you do 100+79 = 179. You score 17 points. Add your best row and worst row and divide by 10.
1 minute work, 1 minute rest. 3 rounds (ie: 3 minutes work, 2 mins rest ) 5 Pull Ups - 5 "power Push Ups" / Plyometric Push ups - 1 point for every full round of 5:5 you complete. Add scores from each minute. eg: if you do 3 full rounds each minute you score 9 points.
Incline level 8. Run as fast as you can for 1 minute and note the calories burned.
Rest 30 seconds and repeat.
Complete 3 runs in this format and add the calories burned on the monitor - 1 point for every calorie.
Faster the setting the more calories you score.
NB: Do NOT cheat and count calories burned during rest period!!
5 Kettlebell Swings
5 Kettlebell Goblet Squats
5 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts
Perform for 1 minute - count the rounds. Each Exercise is worth 1 point. Eg: If you did 5 full rounds and 5 swings and only 2 squats (incomplete round) you score 5 x 3(full rounds) plus 1 exercise = 16 points
Do it 3 times - 1 minute rest between each. Take your best score only.
20 x 10kg Medicine Ball Russian Twists - 15m animal crawl.
3 minutes - 1 point for every set of twists. 1 point for every crawl ie: 2 points for each full round completed.
28) 28/12/13 - Solo Swing Session
Christmas season in full effect - social offering are coming thick and fast and it seems every day has a family event or a catch up with old friends.

Time to squeeze in a quick workout at home to make sure that I stay mobile, moving, strong and burning calories.

This little workout was performed with minimal rest and took under 8 minutes. A quick, challenging and engaging blow out.
I used 2 x 20kg Kettlebells and a 10-12kg Bulgarian bag. Grab the relevant weight for you and try this:

- 10 x Double Kettlebell Swings
- 10 x Double Kettlebell Push Press
- 10 x Clockwise Bulgarian Bag Swings
- 10 x Anti Clockwise Bulgarian Bag Swings
- 5 rounds

27) 03/11/13 - 21 Minutes of Weekend Intervals
Weekend, myself and a pal both injured from rugby, England are playing rugby later, need for quick intervals.

30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest
A1) Incline Hill Run
A2) Battling Ropes
A3) Kettlebell Swings
7 rounds - total: 21 minutes

26) 26/06/13 - Outdoor Conditioning

Myself and "Big Willy" that's his ACTUAL nickname - sounds funny when you don't know him but he's big and his name is Alex Williams.. "Big Willy" headed to the park armed with my new 20m rope (with additional Fat Gripz), 2 x 20kg kettlebells and 2 x large tyres (they were already at the park), here's what we did...

Tyre, ropes, kettlebells, tyres and sprint circuit - 3 rounds 1 min rest between:
A1) 10 secs rope rhythms low, 10 secs rope rhythms in half squat, 10 secs rope rhythms standing upright
A2) 20m Sprint
A3) Chest on floor, jump up and flip tyre x 3
A4) 20m Sprint
A5) 30 secs double kettlebell swings
A6) 20m Sprint
A7) Chest on floor, jump up and flip tyre x 3
A8) 20m Sprint

5 x 1 min pitch lengths:
Run the length of a rugby pitch in 15 secs, turn and jog back in 45 secs, turn and repeat 5 times in total

Alternating partner sledge push:
Push sledge with maximum effort for 5 secs
As soon as you finish, partner pushes the sledge for 5 secs
Continue to swap until you have moved the sledge the full length of the rugby pitch (roughly 90m).
1 min rest, repeat
25) 27/04/13 - Partner Conditioning Session

Myself and my pal Don, Saturday morning, this happened:

1 - 20 minutes - every other minute:
MINUTE 1: 30 Seconds seated sprint on bike
MINUTE 2: 5 plyometric push ups, 6 alternating leg V-Sit ups, 10 x mountain climbers
Repeat for 20 minutes (10 rounds of each)


2) Push, Pull, Core Ladder
Do 1 rep of each, 2 reps of each, 3 of each etc etc
- Cable Flys
- 60kg Bent Over Row
- Plank and reach (hips still, no rocking, reach with each hand = 1 rep)
We got to 10 reps of each, took a 30 second rest then did 12 of each for a final set.

3) 4 Laps - Mini Circuit
- 5 x Dumbell Thrusters (front squat - overhead press)
- 5 x Hanging "Toes to Bar"
- 30 second Incline Run

4) Rowing Finisher
- Using a Tabata timing set up we did 20 seconds hard rowing, 10 seconds rest x 8 - 4 minutes total.

A fun, full body workout with different timing formats/structures and 3 bits of interval cardio thrown in. Only takes 40 minutes or so. Try it out.

24) 16/3/13 - 6 Nations, 6 Stations
It was the final weekend of the rugby 6 nations (but we don’t talk about that now!). Free weekend at rugby so the boys needed a good conditioning session before a quiet afternoon of lemonades in the local watering hole.
Here’s the board and one of the resulting sweat angels after a few people decided they needed a lay down on the treadmills at the end.

There was a beginner (B), Intermediate (I) and Advanced (A) option on a few of the exercises designed to let some of the heavier or slightly weaker chaps take part. Boys being boys and rugby chaps being rugby chaps I think everyone went for the “Advanced”. Each station should take roughly 5 minutes. Aim to do the entire workout with good form as quickly as possible. A good time is 40 minutes and under (remember that allows for a little rest, moving between stations and setting equipment up).
Here’s the format:

1. 5 rounds of:

- Pull Ups x 5(A), 4(I), 2-3(B)
- 10 x Kettlebell Swings: 32kg (A), 28kg (I), 20/24kg (B
2. Static Bike:
- 30 secs steady state warm up
- 4 mins of: 15 secs sprint, 15 secs slow, active recovery
- 30 secs steady state cool down
3. 4 rounds of:
- Bench press x 3: 100%+ Body weight (A) – Most people went heavier, 75%(I), 50%(B)
- Box Jumps x 5
4. 2 x 500m Row – 1 minute rest between
5. 8 rounds of:
Dumbbell Push Press x 3. Dumbbells to the floor between each set of 3. Aim to use around 40% of your bodyweight. You should need to incorporate the push each set.
6. Treadmill. 5 rounds of:
- 30 seconds sprint/30 seconds rest                                                         Incline 6, Speed 15-17(A), 13-15(I), 10-13(B)
Give it a go. It was tough but short and enjoyable. Everyone (including me) finished between 40 and 45 mins. Just look at their smiling faces while they stretch. Team stretch – Key!

23) - 9/3/13 - Saturday Sweat Fest - Conditioning against the clock

1) Every Other Minute:
- 30 seconds Spin / Cycle Sprint
- 5 x high box jumps - 5 x leg tucks sat on the plyo box
16 minutes ie: 8 rounds of Spinning, 40 x box jumps and 40 x crunches

2) 4 rounds of the following Circuit:
- Left Leg High plyo box step up x 8
- Dumbell Lateral Raises x 8
- Left Side Plank and 8 Pulses
- Right Leg High plyo box step up x 8
- Dumbell Lateral Raises x 8
- Right Side Planks and 8 Pulses
- 30 second Incline Run - Speed 15 Km/PH Incline: 10

3) Push / Pull / Core Ladder and additional set (perform 1 rep of each, then 2 reps of each, then 3 of each and so on until form fails. Take a short rest then do a final set adding one additional rep of each. I worked up to 6 reps of each non stop, took a rest, then did a final set of 7 reps of each)
- Neutral Grip pull Up
- Hanging Leg Raises - Toes to Bar
- Plyometric Push Ups over an aerobics step, catching with stiff arms on the step and lowering chest to step each time

4) 500m Intervals
3 x 500m Row - 1 min rest between

Total Time (rolling clock including setting up equipment, re-reading the program between exercises and cleaning equipment after use - good boy!)
46 mins 58 Secs

22) - 23/2/13 - MD and Tiny get it done!
A weekend of 6 nations rugby was ahead - I had to get in the gym and get something done quickly. Main sessions for the week were already done so this is what we went for:

- Push/Pull ladder - Incline Dumbbell Chest Press & Wide Grip Pull Ups
1 of each, 2 of each, 3 of each, 4 of each etc... until you can't go any higher without form failing. Take a break, add a rep and complete a final set (I got to 7 of each and did a final set of 8 reps)
- 4 x Box Jumps - 4 x Dumbbell Curl and Push Press - 5 rounds non-stop
- 10 minutes of Cardio - Complete 1 minute of intense cardio on a machine and then move to the next one - keep moving on until you have completed 10 good minutes of cardio.
NB: You CAN use the same equipment more than once (not in a row) and you don't start counting the minute until you're up to speed.
We did: 1)Incline Run, 2)Cross Trainer, 3) Stepper, 4) Bike, 5) Rowing (twice round - total 10 x 1 minute cardio

21) - 16/2/13 - Short and Sharp Saturday Session

-Treadmill - Incline 6 - 30 second incline run (try to increase the speed by 1mph each round) Jumping on and off to make sure you get the full 30 secs at maximum speed - dont spend time adjusting the speed as part of your work period
-10 x Kettlebell Swings at the start of the next minute
---20 minutes (ie: 10 rounds of sprints and 100 swings total)

-Hanging Leg Raises x 5
-Double Kettlebell Thrusters / Front squat - Overhead Press x 5
-Plank and Alternating Reaches x 10
--- 4 times through, non-stop

-Heavy Lat Pull Down (or pull ups if you prefer)
-Slow Eccentric Tricep Push Ups
---1 of each, 2 of each, 3 of each... etc non-stop until form fails. Then rest and complete one final set adding an extra rep than you completed in your last set.

20) - 02/12/12 - (Sp)Intervals - Sunday Spin Solo Session

Needed a blow out on Sunday, went to the gym to hit a heavy bag for a while - turns out there was a tap dancing class or something in the studio - unhappy I headed to the spin bike and made up a quick sesh - try it...

- 30 seconds heavy hill climb
- 30 seconds seated "sprint"
- 1 minute active recovery (slow pedal)

Repeat x 5 (10 mins total)

get off the bike walk for 2 mins, have a drink then repeat.

Total gym session: 25mins (plus a cheeky foam roll after) - Quality not quantity!

19) 18/11/12 - "Flipping Intervals" - Tyre Flips, Kettlebells and Sprints in 30 minutes

So on a Sunday I decided to head down The Home Park, Windsor and go for a short, shart bit of interval work. Using the length of a rugby pitch (off the pitch of course) I worked in 100m space bwteeen the two deadball lines. I used 1 x mid-size tractor tyre and 2 x 20Kg kettlebells.

- 4 x Tyre Flips
- 100m Kettlebell Farmers Walk Carry
- 100m Sprint

- 4 x Tyre Flips
- 100m Sprint
- 2 x Kettlebell Swing - 100m walk back recovery

- 4 x tyre flips
- 100m Sprint
- 2 x Kettlebell Cleans - 100m walk back recovery

- 4 x Tyre Flips
- 100m Sprint
- 2 x Kettlebell Snatch - 100m walk back recovery

- 4 x Tyre Flips
- 100m Sprint
- 100m Kettlebell Farmers Walk


Good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

18)25/08/12 - Kettlebell mixer - 15 exercises in under half an hour - The rain's-a-comin', get it done!

Sometimes, no matter what the weather, your workout just won't wait until tomorrow. This was one of those days...

Simple: Take 2 Kettlebells (I used 2 x 20kgs) and do this. Perform 3 sets of each, rest for 30 seconds between sets and a minute between new exercises...

1- Double KB Swing x 8 - Mountain Climbers x 24 - Double KB shrugs x 10

2- Double KB Hang Clean x 8 - Bench Dips x 12 - KB Push Ups x 10

3- 12 x Double KB Deadlifts - 8 x Double KB Shoulder Press - 10 x Weighted Crunches and Press Holding 1 KB upside down

4- 10 x Double KB Sumo High Pulls - 12 x KB round the head rotations - 8 x Alternating single KB Snatch (4 each side)

5- 12 x Laying Leg Raises and Hip Lifts - 20 x Russian Twists Holding KB - 8 x Side Plank and Pulses each side

Why wait for tomorrow?...

17)29/7/12 - Sunday Sweat Fest - Quad Sets

I'm not sure that this should be in "Workouts that I've enjoyed" as it was pretty tough at time. Was a good'n though! Quad sets - 3 sets/rounds of each, increasing the weight each set. Give this a go...

- Incline Dumbell Flys x 12 - Alternating dumbell bent over row (same dumbells) x 24 - Box jumps x 10 - Weighted crunches holding 1 of the dumbells x 10

- Wide Bar standing cable row x 12 - Plyometric Push Ups onto med ball x10 - Mountain Climbers x30 - Side Plank and Pulse x 12 each side

- Dumbell Clean and Push press x 8 - Barbell Shrugs x12 - Barbell Upright Row x12 - Spiderman push ups x16

- Single Dumbell snatch x5 each side - Rope lift and twists (like this but with more squat: Video) x 5 each side - Alternating Burpees and wide grip pull ups x 5

16) 05/7/12 - S.O.D - "Shoulders of Doom" workout

40 mins before client, packed gym, get in, deal with shoulders, get out, use minimal space (most of the time) and leave happy, sweaty and "swoll"...

- Hang cleans - 8 sets : Starting on a weight for 5 reps, Increasing the weight every 2 sets until you can perform just 2 reps. 1 minute rest between sets.
- Barbell Military Press 4 x 8 reps
- Dumbell Hammer Curl and Push Press x 8 (a little momentum needed for the curl while maintaining posture) - SUPERSET - Dumbell Lat Raises x 8
- Rope attachment, cable shrugs x 12 - TR-SET - Dumbell Front Raises x 8 each side - TRI-SET - Rope Face Pulls x 12 (no one wants a horrible posture after all)

Done! 7/8 Exercises (if you count the curls) in 40 minutes.

15)14/6/12 - Quick n' easy kettlebells... not that easy actually

SCENARIO: Didn't have much time. DID have kettlebells, DID have an interval timer, DID have a tiny bit of space and DID have a desire to workout in the next 25 minutes - here goes:

I used 2 x 20kg kettlebells and a free, "Round Timer" app - there's loads, these are all free:

Set the interval timer for 30 secs work, 30 secs rest x 3 rounds

- Double Kettlebell Swings (3 mins total)
- Double Kettlebell Cleans (3 minds total)
- Double Kettlebell front squat (3 mins total)
- Push Ups/ Bent Over Row/ Deadlifts (3 mins total)
- Single arm Kettlebell Snatch Pyramid - Non-stop: 8 each side, 7 each side, 6 each side, 5 each side, 4 each side, 3 each side, 2 each side, 1 each side

Total workout, including rest: 25-30 mins - Give it a go.
NB: Snatch part got tough!

14) 30/05/12 - "Up the intensity" Chest and Legs combo (and some vanity) - tough 40 minutes

A few factors contributed:
- I'd been discussing with people the lack of intensity in most peoples gym sessions
- I'd squatted the day before but fancied just a little more legs for the week
- I was in a bit of a rush

Here's what I did:
Dynamic warm up, rotator cuff work, mid back, shoulders, hip, hamstring and groin mobility exercises followed by 8 dynamic lunges each leg and 8 push ups (varying hand position) 3 times through. Simple but specific.

- Incline dumbell chest press x 12, 10, 10 reps increasing the weight each set
- Dumbell Romanian Deadlifts (RDL) x 8 using the same dumbells

- Cable flys ( 3 positions for each set) x 12, 10, 8 reps
- Barbell alternating reverse lunges x 16

- Incline Leg Press 3 x 12
- Travelling push ups over a medicine ball x 12, 10, 8

- 6 x sets Tricep pull downs x 12, 10, 8, 8, 10, 12
- First 3 sets: Weighted cable crunches x 12
- Second 3 sets: Olique Crunches x 10 each side

Good intensity - got a real dab on, big swell and heart was banging!

13) 05/03/12 - Busy gym - "The hardest 2000m I've ever rowed!"

Format: Intervals and core workout. Row a sub-40 second, 200m jump off the machine and perform 10 reps of a core-focused, bodyweight exercise, take 10 seconds and repeat the bodyweight exercise, (two sets of each exercise). Finished when you've done 10 exercises (2 sets each) and rowed a total of 2000m. Eg:
  • Row 200m, Exercise 1, 10 seconds rest, Exercise 1, 20 seconds rest/transfer back to rowing machine
  • Row 200m, Exercise 2, 10 seconds rest, Exercise 2, 20 seconds rest/transfer back to rowing machine
  • Row 200m, Exercise 3... etc
(For the benefit of time, don't strap your feet into the machine. Your rowing time will suffer slightly but it takes more control and stops you fiddling with straps too)

10 exercises I chose:
1 - Crunches (x 10 per set) 
Video: exercise 1
2 - Leg Raises (x 10 per set )
Video: Exercise 2
3 - Plank and reach (10 x reaches each side per set)
Video: Exercise 3
4 - Mountain climbers (10 reps each leg - 20 per set)
Video: Exercise 4
5 - Up/downs / Suicide Push ups (x10 per set) 
Video: Exercise 5
6- Lower back extensions / skydives (x10 per set) 
Video: Exercise 6
7 - Spiderman push ups (x5 Each Side, each set)
Video: Exercise 7
8 - Heavy Kettlebell swings (x 10 each set) 
Video: Exercise 8
9 - Oblique Crunches (x 10 each side, each set)
Video: Exercise 9
10 - Groiners (x10 each leg, 20 per set)
Video: Exercise 10

Total time: 23min 12 secs (I'd say that's very beatable)

12) 31/01/12 - Stockley Park, Virgin Active, "Great way to avoid rush hour" workout, with @TommyFatFingers
  • 2 x 24kg kettlebell swings x 12 - Superset - Weighted Crunches x 12
  • Dumbell curl & Push Press x 8 - Superset - Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Barbell bent Over Row x 12 - Superset - "Suicide Push Ups"/Up Downs x 12
  • Plyomteric Bench Press x 8 - Superset - Burpees & Box Jumps x 8
  • 1 x round of Tabata intense pad work each

11) 27/09/11 - Queenstwon gym again - K.I.S.S (Keep it simple stupid - plus a little conditioning)

Real simple but a good'n when done properly:
  • Bench Press
  • Wide Grip Pull Ups
  • Deadlifts
  • Dips
  • Squats (well... leg press. I was feeling tired by now!)
Then a cheeky 4 min 30 sec push/pull/conditioning. 20 seconds work, 10 rest x 9 non-stop.
  • 20 secs cable rope pulls
  • 20 secs Bosu Push ups
  • 20 Secs 32kg Kettlebell swings 
3 times round

10) 24/09/11 - Queenstown, New Zealand does Vascular Shunt

While travelling some of my workouts had been a little slow and I wanted to get my heart rate going. Time for some vascular shunt action. Here's how I did it...
  • Back squats - behind the head, shoulder press (in one motion)
  • Dumbell reverse lunges (SS) Curl and
  • Inverted leg press (SS) Dumbell front raises
  • Straight Leg deadlifts (SS) Shrugs (SS) Dumbell Lateral raises
  • Kettlebell Front squat (SS) Kettlebell overhead press
Heart was banging and I had a decent old sweat on each set. Shunt achieved. Time for rugby now - England Vs Romania! LETS GO!!

9) 13/08/11 - Saturday Sweat Fest - Tabata Style

Had less than an hour and wanted to get a serious sweat on. Decided to pull out my GymBoss and set it for Tabata intervals (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8). Instead of sticking with one exercise I used two at a time to try and shove some blood around the body and get my heart working a little harder,

Basically, here's my pairs of exercises, 20 seconds on one, 10 seconds to move to the next and repeat until you've done 4 sets of each non-stop. Most productive 40 minutes I've spent in the gym this week...
Results, Sweat angel:

Then off to Wagamama's with Tiny.

Give it a go!

8) 28/07/11 - Train to the conditions you have...

I recently went on a course at a central London gym. When I got there I found out the course was cancelled... AH!

I decided to make the most of a bad situation; hit the gym I'd never used before and create a workout that I could use to work off some anger, burn a load of calories and take advantage of some of the equipment at this gym which wasn't available at mine.
Like I always say when it comes to training, make the best of your situation and train to the conditions you have.

Here's what I got up to...

- Squat thrust, small box jump, wide grip pull up combo - 4 sets of 15 reps (1 rep = Hands on an aerobics step, 4 x squat thrusts, two footed jump onto the step, 1 controlled wide-grip pull up)

- Single arm, one-leg TRX deep squat (8 reps each leg - 4 sets) A bit like this but with just one hand and adding a front raise inbetween each squat.

- Kettlebell double clean and front squat combination with 2 x 24kg kettlebells (3 x ses of 8 reps)

- This place has a mini indoor running track around the gym!!! So off I went... 12kg Single kettlebell overhead lunges, 50 metres walking lunges. 150m walking recovery, repeat with the other hand. Total 4 x 50m lengths of walking lunges (two on each hand)

- 32kg kettlebell (they don't have one of these at my gym) 2 hand kettlebell swing. Tabata style (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest x 8) Not the most enjoyable 4 minutes of my life

- Cable wood chop, cable crunches (minus the outfit) circuit, non-stop for 4 sets (15 reps, 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps)

And, as I had a little time on my hand a bit of R&R: Powerplate stretching session, foam roller session, sauna and finished with 3 minutes steam room and 3 minutes cold shower, swapping back and forth 3 times. Watermelon, pineapple, strawberrys and a pot of cottage cheese with turkey to dip in on the way home. Not a bad day in the end :-)

7) 13/07/11 - Chest and Back Super set day with additional fat burners...

Mixed my chest and back, super-set workout with my pals routine. Loved it! { ( ) =  repetitions}

Heavy Deadlifts (5's) followed by Bench Press (12/10/8) - Supert-set Bent Over Row (12/10/8) with the same bar

Front Squats (6) followed by Wide Grip Pull Ups (8/8/8) and Dips Super-set (12/12/12)

Cable Flys (12/10/8) Super-set Cable Reverse Flys (12/10/8) add on box step ups

Incline dumbell press (8/8/8) Super-set with Renegade row (8/8/8) finishing with Sumo, high-pull (8/8/8)

Try that for a upper body pump and heart racing fat burner...

6) 26/12/10 (yes Boxing day!) - Outdoor circuits in the snow!

A Tabata-style circuit (yeah, yeah, I love tabata! It's awesome

- Power bag (35kg) squat and shoulder press, alternate sides
- 2 x 12kg Kettlebell farmers walk
- Cyclone ball sledgehammer exercise
- 6kg medicine ball - Russian Twists
Twice through. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest/transfer to next exercise

- Powerbag (25kg) Cleans
- 2 x 12kg Kettlebell farmers walk
- Hip lifts
- Powerbag (35kg) bent over rows
- Cyclone ball ab twists
- 2 x 12kg Kettlebell farmers walk
- Dips (thanks kids playground)
- "Frogs"
20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest/transfer to next exercise
You can find 3 pictures (pics 30 - 33) on full time MMA fighter, Dean Amasinger's Facebook page - my training partner for the day: Album here!

5) 03/01/11 - Olympic lifts and Compound exercises

Old school session - literally did this at my old school! Simple, heavy lifting for a massive workout!
- Squats. 4 sets: 12, 10, 8, 5 repetitions
- Bench Press. 4 sets of 5 repetitions
- Deadlifts. 4 sets of 5 repetitions
- Cleans. 4 sets of 8 repetitions
- Wide grip chin-ups. 4 sets to failure
- Dips (varying hand width). 4 sets to failure as a super-set with the chin-ups

Six exercises and your entire body is done! Boy did I sleep well that night!...

4) 06/01/11 - Cardio without a treadmill

I hate "cardio", well at least in the form of traditional, long-winded runs and endless hours on a cross-trainer. This however, was one of my best cardio workouts in ages! (and not a treadmill in sight!)

2 minute rounds of boxing, 2 minute rounds of grappling/Ju Jitsu, 1 minute rest between each.

Alternate between the two until completing 5x rounds of boxing, 5 x rounds of grappling.

TECHNICALLY, it's 20 minutes cardio! But you tell me if that's how it feels by the end? I was dripping and covered in veins across my upper body - good times!

3) 12/01/11 "CORE, what a chest" - Chest workout with an emphasis on core stability
*(Click on the pictures to enlarge or watch the final video at the end)*

Bench Press superset with leg lifts and hip raises on the same bench

Single arm dumbbell chest press, bench turned sideways and head rested on the bench
Decline dumbbell chest press using a Bosu to elevate hips and create a decline angle
Single arm alternate arm cable flys

Dips super-set with Bosu “frogs”

Finally, a "finisher". Press ups using a medicine ball under one hand, alternating hand between each press.
By putting more emphasis on core stability the chest is more isolated and will benefit from a greater “pump” and in the long term, greater growth. As ever, I like to concentrate on single-limb exercises (single arm chest press) to avoid counterbalancing and place further strain on the core. Chest felt good, core and abs felt great – Try it!
A full video of the "Core - what a chest" workout can be viewed on YouTube:

2) 12/02/11 - Super, super, super-set!
Had a chest and back session to polish off so decided to mix it up in a super-se fashion; this is what happened:
  • Bench press (Super set) bent over row with the same bar and same weight.
3 sets, 12, 10, 8 reps - increasing the weight for each

  • Wide grip pull ups (super set) dips
3 sets to failure

  • Incline dumbell press (super set) standing dumbell bent over row using the same weight
3 sets, 12, 10, 8 reps - increasing the weight for each

  • Incline dumbell flys (super set) reverse flys, head on the same bench to keep form consistent
3 sets, 12, 10, 8 reps - increasing the weight for each
Then finished up with some leg straight leg raises on the pilot chair super set with hanging windscreen wipers...

1)10/11/11 - The "Help, I'm in a beach-based town and I've been travelling a while, feeling small, weak and insecure!" workout...
I've been travelling a while and training where I can. At times I've had to rely on a lot of TRX workouts and bodyweight workouts; I'm currently in Waikiki, Hawaii and there's a lot of beautiful people - I'm in need of pushing some serious tin. Here's what I did at 24HourFitness, Waikiki, 4 sets of...
- Wide grip pull ups x 8 (super-set) Rope pulls/standing cable row x 12
- Bench press (I had to) x 12 (super-set) leg raises and hip lifts on the bench x 12
- Barbell clean and press x 8 (super-set) dumbell lateral raises x 12
- Barbell Shrugs x 12 (super-set) weighted cunches x 12
- Oblique crunches x 12 (super-set) Weighted oblique tilts x 12
- Dips to failure (super-set) Pilot chair leg raises x 12
Now... where's the beach?..