Sunday, 28 November 2010

1000 Reps - What happened next?..

Well, it's been a while since I mentioned the 1000 Repetitions Club but we've been busy.
Since my initial failure and Matt Lovett's (co-founder of The Thousand Rep Kru) break into the 1000 Reps Kru, I've also joined him.

It was AWESOME, we changed up the format and made it a little more interesting.

- Shoulder specific weights! Hanging on to he dumbbells really takes its toll on your grip and shoulders as it is before adding in front/lat raises or shoulder press.

- A new format. Still 10 exercises, but split into 5 and 5. Ie: Do five exercises 10 times, then the other five, 10 times. This makes it more competitive as one set will inevitably be faster so you can't really gauge if you're going to finish ahead of others, it helps to keep you motivated
- Conditioning/cardio elements. One exercise in each group of five that's aimed at getting your heart going and gradually wearing you down
- Putting the dumbbells down. In order to give your shoulders a rest we've started using exercises without the dumbbells and just your body weight. Still hard and still very tiring

So the SECOND effort at a thousand reps looked like this...

- Floor chest press
- Alternate Side lunges (5 each way)
- Russian twists with one dumbbell
- Upright rows
- Mountain climbers

- Backwards lunges
- Reverse flys
- Ab crunches and single arm chest press combo (5 each arm)
- Squats
- Up/downs (plank to press up position and back to plan)

So, again, Matt beat me (35mins 32 Vs 37mins 47). Whatever, I finished it with 10Kg dumbbells and joined the club!

Speaking of the club, there are a load more members now!

We enjoyed it so much that we kept on discussing it with gym members after.
There was a lot of interest so we did a trial run and opened it up as a class format on the gym floor, one in the day time, one in the evening.

First time round over 20 people took place! It was AWESOME! Watching people go for it, sweat it out and feel a whole new level of tiredness!

People really went for it and it was the girls in fact who laid down some serious times!! (using 6kg dumbbells but hay, they were quick!!)

Check out some of the pictures here:!/home.php?sk=group_177144515630114&ap=1

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