Monday, 16 May 2011

Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a short-term effort...

In the last month alone I was approached by 3 different people all with weddings within the next month and ALL looking to "get in shape", "lose a little weight" or "tone up quickly".

I understand that people are busy, ESPECIALLY around their wedding time; but... this made me so frustrated!! Why do people seem to think that getting themselves in shape will be an overnight procedure!?...

Here are 5 reasons you should realise that "Health and fitness is a lifestyle, not a short-term effort..."

1- There are "gym regulars" - If getting fit was easy then why would there be gym regulars? Everyone would just pop in from time to time and look awesome!

2 - Were you born able to walk, run and drive a car? Then don't think of a gym as being any different - you still need to learn! You can't pick it up over night and master the whole "gyming it" thing. Understanding the gym, exercise and your body takes years to do correctly. It's unlikely that your first gym program will set you on a path to exceptional condition.

 3 - There are gyms popping up all over the place. If you could get fit/in shape quickly then gyms wouldn't survive. They would be seasonal and open for short periods each year for people to pop in and get "fit" in a week or two.

4 - How many "healthy food shops" do you know of? If it's so easy to get into shape why would the likes of GNC, Holland & Barrets etc survive? Again, people would just give a diet a dabble and all look brilliant.

5 - How long does it take to put weight on?.. If you're over weight or out of shape, think to yourself "How long did it take for me to become like this?" Being out of shape is a gradual process right? Well you can sure as hell work out that getting back in shape won't happen over night either!

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