Thursday, 1 March 2012

13 things that annoy me in the gym...

Self explanatory title (started with 10 but this blog may grow in time). Just a bit of a rant... 
  1. People not putting dumbbells back in pairs
  2. People training in beanie hats
  3. People training in casual, non-sports clothing - dress shorts, shirts!!?? Denim etc
  4. People training in large groups (4 or more) when the purpose of the session isn't out and out strength with timed, structured rest
  5. People using mirrors for anything other than checking technique
  6. People who schedule an "Arms Day"
  7. People talking on their phone in the gym
  8. People spouting off inaccurate exercise or nutrition related knowledge
  9. People in the gym who smell - wash your kit and take a shower in the morning!
  10. People using the squat rack for exercises other than squatting when other people need it
  11. People doing sit-ups to lose stomach fat
  12. People wearing weights belts when they're not needed. Strengthen your back, don't tighten your belt!
  13. People who act like their workout is the most heroic workout ever conceived by man and want the rest of the gym to know it
I could go on...

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1 comment:

  1. I'm very glad my gym has rules to prevent some of these things from happening, but the most annoying is the squat rack trouble!