Wednesday, 29 August 2012

10 Ways to Make Your Life Better... For FREE!!!

Do these things and have a better life - easy as that:

1) Exercise (it was always going to be number 1!)
Exercise more and increase self confidence, enjoy gains both aesthetically and through improving strength. Release endorphins and INSTANTLY improve mood, reduce the chance of injuries and lessen the strains and efforts of every day life. Whatever you choose to do, do SOMETHING!

2) Exercise Outdoors
Now you've chosen to exercise, do it outdoors! You get to see more of the world and not just a UV-lit gym. Increase your Vitamin D intake as a result, improve liver and kidney function while further improving your mood.

3) Sleep more
Easy right? Then do it! Allow your body repair time it deserves. Lower cortisol levels (that cheeky hormone that can encourage fat retention around the abdomen) and yet again, improve your mood!

4) Turn it up
Be more active. Take your ordinary day, REALLY assess it, realise where you're wasting time and then be more productive with your everyday life. Cut the stuff you don't need, be more proactive with the time you have and get more done in your day. Be ruthless

5)Turn it off
Remove yourself from regular life when you're resting. Take time without electronic devices and ways of communicating with others. Have some "me time". Whether it's at bed time or just taking a walk alone, separate yourself from everything and everyone from time to time. If you don't think this is practical, think about your lunch hour. Take a 40 minute walk all by yourself, come back and eat your lunch and just notice how much better and more productive you feel for a)being active and b) taking yourself away from everything

6) Get some structure
Phrases like "where has the time/year gone?" and "I don't have time to..." "I'm too busy for..." are regularly used. But... what if you had a little more structure. If you plan out your days, time is much less likely to run away with you. If you leave it to chance, the chances are it'll go wrong. Start simple: every Sunday look ahead and know exactly what you're going to eat over the next 5 days, when you're going to exercise and EXACTLY what you're going to do when you exercise. Then, just stick to that - no excuses!

7) Have a timeline - set goals
So now you have your week structured, it's time to think longer term. Why not set out a timeline for the next few years? Start with "C" and then figure out what "A+B" needs to be. IE: Write a list of everything you want to have achieved in 3 years time, then work backwards and set shorter, time sensitive goals along the way which will mean you can't FAIL to reach your target. Then, write it down and look at it... LOADS! Leave it somewhere you'll see it a lot!

8) Surround yourself with positive people
Take a good look at the people you spend most of your time with. Friends, colleagues etc. Are they positive and driven people? Do they have similar goals and beliefs and outlook on life to you? If the answer is "No" these aren't the people that will help you be the person you want to be.

9) Stretch 
Static stretching, foam rolling and dynamic movements such as those in some pilates classes are are great ways to stay not just strong, but mobile and injury free. You'll ache less, feel more flexible and it can also be a great way to relax and relieve stress.

10) Be nice to people
Just be nice to people! Smile at people, say "sorry", help others, give up some of your time and don't expect anything in return. Their life will be better as a result and so will yours. It's simple but true. Today's target: Smile at 5 strangers. Not in a "lets meet up" kinda way, just a polite "Hi, enjoy your day" way. Some people might not smile back instantly but even those miserable lot are LOVING it inside secretly!

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