Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What's best workout?... The answer is NOT Zumba, Insanity, PX90, BodyPump or CrossFit...

So I don't think any of the workouts mentioned in the heading are "rubbish!" Nor, do I think there's a legitimate answer to "What's the best workout." However, there seems to be a continued trend among fitness companies to offer "the best workout for your time/money" etc

When I hear people advise others on workouts they've done explaining"It's the best!!" it usually annoys me. The truth is this... activity is BEST and stimulating progress by challenging yourself is BEST.

What does this mean?

I you take "Clare", a 30 something sales person who rarely sits down, goes climbing at the weekends, plays hockey socially and attends the gym 3 times a week where she does predominantly strength training. "Clare" will NOT find Zumba the answer to her desire to cut a little more body fat.

It won't offer her enough stimulus to raise her heart rate or test either her strength or endurance. No matter how much she enjoys it.

Then meet "Jon". He works at a desk, eats whatever he can from the café at work, visits the pub at least 3 times a week for a "few beers" and only works up a sweat when he orders a hot curry. "Jon" tries the Insanity Workout, drops a lot of weight and preaches to his friends: "It's the BEST workout going."

However, the likelihood is, given his starting point, any exercise and activity would have some positive impact on the body composition of "Jon". To add regular, high intensity workouts to his stagnant life along with some dietary considerations and there you have it - success.

Again, Insanity can't be described as "bad". But what "Jon" is Actually benefiting from is the addition of: being more active, being consistent with his exercise and more considerate with his eating.

I would estimate that 90% of people who want to lose weight aren't consistently doing something about it. they may dabble in short-term diets, detoxes and 90-day plans. However, most would benefit from making these things part of their lifestyle:
- More, regular activity
- Changing and adapting exercise regimes to continually challenge and stimulate change
- Eating a balanced and sustainable diet

So in answer to "What's the best workouts" - I always say: "Those that you do frequently". The real answer is: "There is no best". It's all dependant on your start point in terms of fitness and current activity levels, whether your workouts challenge you, offer variety and also challenge you.

Don't fall for the advertisers "Best" - instead, find what's "Best" for you.

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