Thursday, 27 October 2016

FUN!.. Yet Cardio? F.Y.C

"But I hate cardio!" Said almost everyone at some point.

It's because these people are probably thinking specifically: "I hate the idea of jogging on a treadmill for 30 minutes with nothing else to look at but the mirror in front of me."

Well if that's the only cardiovascular work you do then no wonder you hate it! If you want to have some fun with cardio why not try some of these options below?

Idea 1: Break down your distance into high intensity intervals. Instead of rowing 2,000m or 3,000m why not set up to row 250m, rest for 30 secs and repeat 10 times. A tough, more engaging and high intensity 2,500m.

Idea 2: Row for repetitions. Perform 10-15 strong strokes, jump off the rowing machine and perform a compound movement such as 10 kettlebell swings or 10 dumbbell thrusters. Jump back on to the rowing machine and repeat. Keep going until your total distance reaches 2,000m. The harder you pull, the less rounds you need to do.

Idea 3: Row for calories. Set the monitor to read calories rowed. Row until you achieve 1 calorie. Reset the monitor, count to 5 and repeat for 2 calories. Reset, count to 5 and row for 3 calories etc. Keep going finishing on 10 or more calories.

Idea 1: Deadmills / manual sprints / skill mills. This is much more challenging and interesting way to use a treadmill. Even better: it's quick! Below is a "how to" video for deadmills. Why not try getting the treadmill up to top speed, sprint for a count of 5 then jumping to stand on the sides. Rest until the treadmill belt stops moving. Jump back on and repeat. Try this 5-10 times.
Deadmills: HOW TO 

Idea 2: Hill running intervals. Run for 15 secs, rest for 45 secs. Start on incline 5% and increase the incline by 1% each interval. Repeat for 10-15 mins or until you can't complete the 15 secs.

Idea 3: Get off your feet and use your hands. Try some treadmill crawls like these: Treadmill Agility Work

Idea 1: Hills, Sprints, Rest, Repeat. Start with a heavy resistance to replicate a hill climb. Pedal standing out of the seat, against a slow, heavy resistance. Then reduce the resistance and pedal quickly for a 30 second sprint, then pedal very slowly for 30 seconds of recovery. Repeat for 10-15 rounds.

Idea 2: Spin and pump. Rest 2 x dumbells on the bike handlebars. Pedal quickly for 30 seconds, then, while keeping th epedals moving slowly, take the dumbells and perform 10 x dumbbell curls or 10 x shoulder presses. When the next minute comes around, repeat this until you have done 10 x 30 sec sprints, 50 x dumbbell curls and 50 x dumbbell shoulder presses.

Idea 3: Add in some powerful bursts. Break up a 15 minute bike session by throwing in some sprint intervals. Try sprinting with maximum effort between 25-30 secs of each minute and again from 55- the end of each minute. ie: 2 x 5 sec sprints per minute.

If you'd like some more ideas on creating fun and interesting training sessions have a look here: Workout Ideas 

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