Thursday, 29 September 2011

Train to your environment...

Currently travelling around the world and coming up with ways to exercise depending on where I am. lots of people struggle with holidays, working away, family commitments (the list goes on) which can all stand between them and progression.

The key? Don't be afraid of change, try something new and remember to "Train to your environment..."

"I don't have much time..."
Don't worry about finishing the normal number of repetitions. Workout for time rather than reps. Select an exercise and do 2-3 sets of 30 seconds with minimal rest. Don't let your ego get in the way, use a weight that you can complete the 30 seconds of exercise with at a good intensity. My favourite timed/interval training is "tabata training": 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, 8 times in a row. In my opinion, the BEST way you can spend 4 minutes in the gym!

"I'm tired and lacking motivation..."
Take the thinking and motivation part away from the situation - go to a group exercise class. There are plenty of options (yes men, this is for you too!) Boxing classes, circuits, spinning, Yoga/Pilate's (I wouldn't personally recommend many other mainstream classes). Whatever you're in to, most gyms have you covered!

"It's too much of a nice day to be stuck in a gym..."
Don't go then! Get outside! You might not have all of the fancy gym equipment, but you can still make the most of the outdoors. Choose variety - try sprint/fast paced intervals mixed with slower running. Break up the rhythm and challenge yourself by adding body weight exercises like push ups, lunges, body weight squats, high step ups on a wall, pull ups and dips. You'd be surprised the exercises you can get through at a kids park - check out this video for ideas.

"I'm not at home so can't get to my usual gym..."
Guaranteed wherever you are there's probably a local gym. Head there, but... don't just do the norm; make the most of your new situation. Use machines that you don't have at your regular gym. Try making the most of a space that you don't usually have to work in. An example: I recently worked out at the YMCA, Christchurch, New Zealand where I found a wide grip pull up bar hanging at about 9ft high (don't see that every day!) Perfect, rare opportunity for me to add burpees between pull ups for me. Full workout here.

"Someone new wants to train with me..."
This isn't so much an issue, but an opportunity! Whenever you can, and it won't COMPLETELY disrupt your week plan (always have a plan for the week remember! :-) ) train with new people and let them run the session. Sure, it might not be what you're used to, and at times you might not enjoy it, but if you take one thing from that session then it's been worthwhile. Maybe you've learned what you DON'T like or what DOESN'T work for you; either way you've learned and that's priceless! Consider the exercises, structure of the session and intensity and take on board what you can.

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