Wednesday, 12 October 2011

10 Reasons why YOU need a personal trainer...

As a personal trainer, I'm a firm believer in the benefits of high-quality of personal Training; and rightly so. I've seen huge results from people working with a trainer, often people who have struggled to make any progress for years. Personal trainers might not be for everyone, but if any of the below apply to you, then training with a personal trainer could DEFINITELY benefit you!..

YOU TALK TOO MUCH - I see it in every gym I've ever been to - there's a lot of people who use the gym predominantly as a social event. Sure, speak to people, but there's work to be done and this chit-chat is standing in the way of it

THERE'S NO INTENSITY IN YOUR WORKOUT - If you're not working hard, you're not working. Too many people go through the motions at the gym and never push themselves. A good trainer will push you to (or close to) your limits

YOU DO THE SAME THINGS ALL OF THE TIME - Without variety your results will easily plateau very quickly. Whenever your body is pushed, it adapts and evolves to a situation. Unless there is structured variety to your sessions then your body will reach a certain level and progress no further

YOU JUST DO "STUFF" AT THE GYM - Without specific training, you won't get specific results. You might as well do squats in an attempt to get bigger arms - you're not being specific enough. Get some help from a professional

YOU DON'T LIFT WEIGHTS (enough) - Weight training/resistance training is for EVERYONE! Not just for guys who want to "get big". Correct resistance work will speed up your metabolism, improve strength, posture and muscular tone

YOU ONLY TAKE CLASSES AT THE GYM - Sure, (some) classes are pretty good. But are they specific to your goals or are they just fun? Remember: It's easy to make someone tired, but it's much harder to make someone better!

YOU WORK BETTER WITH APPOINTMENTS - You can find it hard to schedule in gym time and will often out the gym second for anything else (work/family/socialising etc). Having regular personal training will add structure to your week and exercise plan

YOU'VE NEVER BEEN SHOWN THE CORRECT TECHNIQUES IN THE GYM - This one is SO true. LOTS of people worldwide have horrible technique for a lot of exercises in the gym. Poor technique increases the chance of injury and negates some of the benefit of your exercise. Look after yourself and make your exercise worthwhile - get a helping hand

YOU DON'T FEEL CONFIDENT ENOUGH TO PUSH YOURSELF - Lots of people training alone play it safe and stick to weights that they know they can move. That's a fair approach but training with a personal trainer means that you can safely be pushed and work to your limits with confidence

YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANYWHERE - Improving the body is an exact science. Do A and do B and get C. If you're not getting C, you're A and B need some adjusting. You might just need a steer in the right direction - it's not always clear what you're doing wrong. Seek professional help

YOU THINK OF THE GYM AS A TASK - A good trainer can make your workouts varied, enjoyable and tailored specifically to make the gym a much more enjoyable place to visit

YOUR RESULTS HAVE PLATEAUED - If you're struggling to get anything from regular training, the likelihood is it needs spicing up a little - get some new ideas from personal training.

If any of the above apply to you, then it's likely that personal training (NB: Emphasis on a QUALITY personal trainer) could benefit you. If none of the above apply to you then congratulations - you're bang on track and you've already achieved your goals right?... Right!?...

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  1. All these reasons mentioned above apply to me! :)))) So, I absolutely need a trainer! Someone recently recommended me a personal trainer from Personal Trainer Toronto and I think I'll contact him as soon as possible. Perhaps, by working with this trainer, I'll get the results I want so much. By the way, great article, Michael! Thanks for your sharing.

  2. Hay - sorry for the slow reply.
    Did you ever sign up with a PT? How's progress?
    Thanks for the feedback :-)