Sunday, 18 December 2011

New Year Resolutions... again - 2012 Edition

Ok, So I wrote about it last year and I think it's time to revisit it. I'm going to make a New Year's resolution NOT to make a resolution... I'm going to set goals!

I'm not big on "resolutions". If I felt there was something wrong and I needed to do something about it, I would have done it by now. The new year however, is a good time to check you're on schedule for whatever it is you're doing and set some new life goals.
So, if you're going to use the turn of the year to set yourself some goals, here's some tips and some areas to consider in order to make sure they're not forgotten within a few weeks.

#1: Break it down...
Don't set yourself goals to be achieved by the end of the year such as "lose weight". break it down; how much weight? By when? And how? Be as detailed as you can - leave nothing to chance. 

#2: One step at a time...
Don't just have a big end goal and have no idea if you're heading towards it. If your goal for instance is to lose 2 stone in weight, work out how much weight this would mean you need to lose each month, or even each week. Then keep a written log of your weight. That way you'll know if you're on track or if something needs changing.
NB: "Losing 2 stone" is a crap goal!! lose body fat percentage and reduce your measurements where needed. Weight loss is a pore scale of success

#3: Understand how...
If your goal is to be more active or visit the gym more then you will need to set a goal of how often you want to visit the gym or exercise each week. next step, "HOW?" This is a new thing and an adjustment to your usual routine. If it's going to work, you need to know how. How will you schedule it in? On what days will you exercise? Can you avoid work getting in the way? Is there a fall back plan if work does get in the way such as pre-work exercise? Don't just say it and assume that it will happen.

#4: "READ ALL ABOUT IT" (Better yet, write all about it!)..
Take all of the above, create your goals and WRITE-THEM-DOWN! Have them somewhere you can see them on occasion, and use them to check that you're on schedule to meet your goals. Ideally, you want to create a timeline. Make it visual; draw a line and mark out the months of the year and when each part of your goal will be started and achieved by. If your goal simply needs to be "done within a year" you're unlikely to kick it off in time, and never going to achieve it. Know when each part starts and put pressure on yourself to get them done by a set date.

#5: Shout all about it...
Well, you don't have to shout; but tell friends. Tell those around you and those close to you. If your goals are publicly known, you are GUARANTEED to feel that you must achieve them and far more likely to be proactive and to achieve them knowing that everyone is waiting to see the results. THIS IS A FACT - there's proof! It's science! I'd say that this is one of the most crucial parts of the process!

And while I'm there, why don't I take some of my own advice (tip #5) and tell you all what MY resolutions?.. sorry what my GOALS are for 2012.

In 2012 I am going to (start on a positive. Not "I want to", instead "I'm GOING TO!")...

Upon return from my travels I intend to continue to offer top quality personal training sessions and in my spare time, I want to study for a pre/post-natal course to allow me specialised knowledge of training techniques and procedures for pregnant clients and new mums. This should be complete by E/O April

A new business: Begin an outdoor exercise initiative. Focus on logistics, costs and sponsorship involvement for the next 6 months with an aim to launch July/August 2012.

A second new business: Try to patent an idea for a piece of gym equipment that I have an idea/design for. I already have ideas for marketing, website, social media, endorsement and PR, but I know the patent process is a long one so this falls into a longer term goal. But, in 2012 I intend to get everything in place as best I can. Aim for patent to be approved and website in progress by end December 2012.
There you go - I've laid myself on the line with a big chance of public failure. Fear of failure is a great driving force! I best get on with it!

So that's the next 12 months for me... what are YOU going to do? I'd love to hear your plans and offer advice where I can. we could even act as a little mentor scheme for one another checking that we stay on track. For anyone willing to take me up on this, drop me a note and tell me in confidence what your goals are for 2012 -

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  1. Great post Mike. I've already started to write mine down too. Looking forward to getting to work with you on some of these when you're back.