Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The perils of a salad! It might not be what it seems...

So I'm currently travelling and I'm in Arizona. Trying to not get fully into the "American Way" when it comes to eating, I opted for a turkey salad at lunch yesterday. What arrived is the picture at the top of this post. Not only was it STUPIDLY huge, it came with two large pots of dressing, 10 heavily salted crackers, loads of bacon bits and a massive pile of blue cheese. "Healthy" would not be the word I used to describe this meal!

As I often say to people "Don't be fooled - just because your food is called a 'salad', doesn't necessarily make it healthy!"

This is especially true when opting for an "I'll pick something up" lunch which takes you past the likes of M&S or worse still, a petrol station! Pre-prepared salads are usually pretty bad. So you're confused? You thought salads were healthy no matter what? ..

Well, although it can depend on a number of factors, here's a few basic tips for the next time you opt for a salad. After all, if you feel that you're being strong-willed and "depriving" yourself of the food you look, it's best to make sure you're doing it right...

1 - Opt for white meat. You want salads with high quantities of chicken (not fried), turkey or fish
2 - Keep an eye on the portion size. Just because it's salad doesn't mean you should eat endless amounts. Imagine it was a regular meal, would you eat a smaller plate?
3 - Avoid heavy dressing. Aim for the "light" dressing and even then, a THIN covering for some of your salad is all that you need
4 - "PASTA salad" is NOT a salad!
5 - D.I.Y - at all costs make your own salad. It takes hardly any time and you can be in control of all of the above points

As I said, there may be other factors involved but if you can stick to the above then you won't go far wrong. Just consider what's actually in front of you and make sure the "healthy" option is ACTUALLY healthy!

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