Monday, 5 November 2012

Change your grip, change your life (2)

This is the second part of my grip focused blog. The other post: “Change Your Grip, Change Your Life (1)” explained the importance of grip training and also ways in which you could encorporate different grip methods into your current training.

One area that I skipped was “Towel Grip Training” this blog. Towel Grip Training is a great method of grip training for a number of reasons:

1)      Unlike most grip-focused work, it DOESN’T wreck your hands. This will be welcome news for any regular gym goer

2)      It doesn’t require much equipment – simple one or two small hand towels – easy to pack in your gym bag and not a huge pain to leave in there just in case

3)      It’s versitle. With a little imagination you can use towel training for lots of exercises to add an element of grip. You can even use it in outdoor training with pull ups, inverted rows and similar

Below is a video I made which will give you 5 simple but effective exercise ideas for towel training. Give them a go and pay attention to the demand it’s placing on your grip – your forearms and hands might not thank you for it!

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