Monday, 26 November 2012

10 ways to make yourself more "bad ass"

I know what you're thinking - The guy in this picture is bad-ass! And you're right. But, you can be more bad-ass too if you do these 10 things every single week without fail. Start now and watch the change...

1) Deadlift - Full range, off the floor with good form and plenty of weight
2) Share your knowledge - Why keep it to yourself? Find an outlet (preferably one where people want to hear it) and share
3) Squat - You choose: back squat, front squat, overhead squat - plenty of depth, plenty of weight
4) Master your bodyweight - Pull up, push up, dip, squat, lunge
5) Sprint - Intervals are quick, easy and effective - get some done
6) Listen to others and learn - Always learn, never stop learning, never stop listening
7) Stretch, foam roll and stay mobile - Focus on recovery and mobility and include it as part of your training schedule
8) Improve your knowledge and read - There are plenty of resources out there, make the most of them
9) Train outdoors - Fresh air and in the elements. Try it bare foot -get crawling and get muddy
10) Be nice to people!

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