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GUEST BLOG: Rope Training Exercises by the CRAZE Pre Workout Guys

With 365 days in a year, doing the same workout can be boring and unproductive in the long run. Instead of the usual cardio-weights-cardio routine, I'm going to introduce you to something way more interesting and way more fun - rope training exercises! Working with rope is great for your body. And hey, getting to tangle with a 2 - 3 inch diameter rope is just plain awesome.

Rope Training Benefits

rope training from artofmanliness.comThis amazing training regimen is one of the few exercises classified as "core training." Basically, rope or heavy rope trains the core of our bodies which includes deep muscles like abdominal muscles and back as well as the large muscle groups like pectorals, deltoids and thighs. Targeting your core also has several benefits:

Increased Metabolism

Training the core of your body leads to increased metabolism. Exercising with a heavy rope combines resistance, flexion and extension at various degrees of force. Doing this will require using the large muscle groups in your body, which consume a lot of energy.

Fat Loss

As your metabolism increases with rope training, you also burn fat. Metabolism is the balance of catabolism or cell destruction and anabolism or cellular growth. Catabolism isn't all bad as it is also useful in reducing the number of fat cells. Still, anabolism or cell growth is a great energy burner which can also help because we need more energy to grow cells than to destroy them.

Better Fine and Gross motor coordination

There are two types of motor coordination. Fine motor coordination involves minute movements such as curling a finger or batting an eyelash. Gross motor on the other hand is general movement of legs, arms, torso, neck etc. Over time, we develop reflexes that can ruin our body coordination. Rope training can actually help return fine and gross motor coordination - there have actually ben studies on this! The key lies in repetition and form. The heavy rope keeps your body in perfect form and repetition brings back precision in movement.


Instead of working out in a gym full of people, you can do rope training exercises with, of course, a piece of rope. Many recommend a heavy rope with smaller diameter for new enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes.
All you need is a piece of rope - this can be bought in most hardware stores. In fact, you can use old heavy ropes and perform the exercises efficiently.
There are various experts on rope training who can help you begin your exercises and provide the proper guidance. If you're located near Windsor, UK - you're in luck! Michael Darren is a personal trainer able to guide your rope training exercies. If you are located somewhere else, check your local gym if they have heavy rope for your training needs. Your local gym might have someone with similar expertise in rope training.

Types of Rope Training

Let's talk about a few things you can do with the ropes. Get ready to get worked!
  • Pull-Ups - Setup your thick rope to hang over a supine row setup. Now grab a hold and do pull-ups. Your forearms and smaller muscles will be screaming, and you'll do far less than you can do normal pullups. Do them before doing regular pull-ups!
  • Rope Battling - From the image above (courtesy of the Art of Manliness), take one in each hand and whip them in alternating movements for time. Make that rope MOVE!
  • Sled Pull - Attach your rope to the end of something heavy that can move - like a sled. Pull it towards you in rowing-style movements. Do this outside or somewhere where you won't damage the floor!
It's not easy at first, but these are REAL functional exercises that will give you the forearms of a cattle rancher!

Another Benefit Reduced risks of Injury

That's right, one of the benefits of rope training exercises include a reduced risk of injury. Exercising your core body strength actually increases body coordination. With increased body coordination, you can easily avoid injury especially athletic injuries. Sports scientists have found that people with lower core stability or joint integrity are at a higher risk of developing sports injuries.

Preparing for Rope Training

Training with ropes will still take a lot of energy and effort from you. It's always best to prepare for rope training with the following guidelines.
Have a medical check up: Make sure that you are medically healthy before doing any training with rope. If your doctor tells you rope training is too strenuous for you, listen to him, and ask for alternatives.
Diet before, during and after Rope Training: What you eat will still affect how you train. If you want to bust the fat while maintaining nutrients for your muscles, Fat Loss Factor by Marc Lobliner is one of the best diet management books you can read, and it's free.
Choosing a rope: Most gyms will have heavy ropes available for you to use. If you train at home, check your local hardware stores.
Choose a Trainer: Initially, it is best to get expert advice from someone. As mentioned, people in Windsor, UK can turn to Michael Darren and to do rope training with him.
Take a Pre-Workout drink and Supplements: Warm ups will be able to prepare you but a pre-workout supplement will rev your body for a nice workout with ropes. It's highly suggested that you choose a PWO that can help release stored energy in your body, specifically geared for cutting fat tissue. CRAZE from Driven Sports is one of the best supplements you can use for rope training. You can also take protein supplements like BCAA during the actual workout and replenish yourself with a whey protein isolate after workout.
Cool down: After playing with the ropes, initiate cool down to properly rest muscles. Stopping abruptly might stop the awesome muscle pumps you get from training.
A brand new workout with great benefits to spice up your usual routine will keep you fit and motivated at the same time. Add in an extra boost with CRAZE and you'll be mastering those ropes in no time!


This article was written by Mike at - Thanks for reading!

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