Thursday, 18 February 2016

The A-Z scale of Lifestyles and Physiques

Recently I have been talking to my clients about what I imagine as an A-Z scale of lifestyles and how these lifestyles usually offer you an exact reflection of your physique.

Or as some people say: "You get out exactly what you put in."

Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. The people that seem to eat whatever they want and stay lean or those at the other end of the spectrum and live a seemingly healthy lifestyle but can't shift any extra body fat.

Yes, there are exceptions but also remember: "What you eat in private, you wear in public". Sometimes all is not as it may appear...

So, what's an "A Lifestyle" and what do these people look like?
An "A Lifestyle" is a clean diet involving no processed foods, no preservatives, no refined sugars, no alcohol and no days off from this regime. An "A Lifestyle" person will train frequently with purpose, intensity and direction with progressive overload. They do not skip days, they do not "just do a bit today" and they do not approach their week without a plan.

As a result, they probably look something like this...

So, what's a "Z Lifestyle" and what do these people look like?
A "Z Lifestyle" has no structure. This person does not exercise, eats what they want and the majority of their food choices are dependent on what's most convenient rather than rich in nutrients. Take away food, instant meals, sweats, puddings, sugars and fatty foods are frequent in their diet.

These people will usually end up looking something like this...

For the vast majority of people, sustaining "A Lifestyle" is not achievable. And you're far from being a "Z Lifestyle" person." However... I like to start the year aiming to move myself close to "Lifestyle A". Take note of changes in my body, mood and energy.

Then not through habit, but through conscious choices I add in things which don't belong in "Lifestyle A" (the odd bit of alcohol, sugar etc) until I reach a point/letter that I'm happy to settle on. THIS is my sustainable lifestyle; ideally closer to "Lifestyle A" than I was before this process.

What I'm trying to say is...
Don't "end up" with a lifestyle, exercise and eating habits accidently. Experience a style of living far "better" than one you intend on sustaining and then consciously set your lifestyle guidelines.

Give it a go and see if you can move a little closer to an "A Lifestyle."

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